Why Israel?

Derek Prince explains the importance of the Land


Entering the Land promised to Abraham

"we have come to a time when the G-d's elect sojourners and going to be gathered back to the land promised to our father Abraham"

Will You See The Kingdom

Israel as a nation is the core of any earthly work of restoration, without Israel you have no earthly and kingly reign of Jesus Christ. 

Yah is Jealous for Israel

I will take away all her provisions and then ... I will bring her back!

Abraham possesses all his enemies at the gate

"when Abraham sacrificed Isaac on Mt Moriah the Lord promised complete victory at the end of our history"

The Signs of His Coming!

What will be the signs of His coming and the end of the age?

3 parts

Restoration of Israel

Is there a destiny for the land of Israel?

City of Zion

The connection between Jerusalem, Zion, and city of David!

The Lord Standing on Mt Zion

Where does the end of this age end?

Woe to You Rebellious City

The city of Jerusalem has seen so much trouble - Why?

4 parts