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it's time to rebuild the Church of Jesus Christ listen to what motivated us to do this faith ministry

Introductory words of encouragement 

For over 50 years I sat at the feet of many different presentations of the the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I took lots of notes and listened carefully and longed to see what was being preached by many different pastors. Little did I know that one day I would wake up and do what God the Father had been designing for me to do since the day I was born.  

At certain points along the way, I realized that something was holding me back from becoming the man of God I was supposed to be, unbelief and laziness toward the work of the Gospel were part of the problem along with spiritual slumber.  Other things like: being wrapped up in the pursuit of the American dream. One of the more dominant inhibitors was the fear of man and the ultimate fear of having to risk it all for Christ, these negative factors all played a part in keeping me from doing the will of God in His call to take His Message to ends of the earth - The Great Commission.

I pray with all my heart that the words God has given me to share with you all will be received in the spirit that they have been delivered.  To see a beautiful remnant of Christ's church rise up in power and newness of life and take back all that we have lost living in our "materialistic" culture and to reenter the self-denying path of our faithful forefathers.  These words are to be received as from a man who believes with all his heart that he is preaching the "truth" of God and His infallible Word.  Once I surrendered "all" for Christ, the Spirit has been upon me. 

Many blessings,

Jonathan David Keener

an old-time pew preacher


This work is dedicated to the only person who never gave up on me besides the Lord, my faithful mother, who sits in heaven laughing all my struggles to find the will of God for my life in the perfect knowledge that the Lord has always had an amazingly difficult plan for my life.

 Her dying words to me were: "God will not leave you or forsake you!"



"Test everything we preach and teach"


 LLI Fellowship's Preaching & Teaching website.  Our vision is to reach the world with the message of Jesus through the presentation of His Message in the marketplace, the center of community life. 

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