The Cry of Faith - Part 1 of 2

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In a world that is becoming more crazy everyday, a simple heartfelt “cry” of faith, is the most powerful weapon to save anyone and any people group from from the darkest “woes” of the worst of emotional, physical, and spiritual anguish.  The heartfelt “cry” of one man, from the depths of his heart, can truly rearrange history and establish amazing results that will frame an “epic” and very “historical” moment and moment(s) that are part of the foundation of the future generations of the faithful. 

These mighty deliverances are G-d's memorials to remind His People that His Power reigns in the earth over everything dark today, yesterday, and forever.  They encourage succeeding generations to seek the Our G-d, the G-d of miracles and awesome power.  His Power is mighty and His incredible deliverances are the same kind and nature as those once wrought in Abraham's life, in the life of Moses and David, and all those faithful ones mentioned in scripture. Study them and grow your faith.  Learn their cry, and see awesome miracles.  Learn their steadfastness and see the salvation of the L-rd.

They remind us that G-d owns time and eternity and He can at anytime, take a man or woman aside, and “press” them emotionally to evoke a “cry of desperation” that moves His Heart to deliver them.  Why you may ask?  Sincerity.  Authenticity.  Truth.  Nothing else works for our G-d.  Duplicity never works.  All falsehood will be judged or corrected by Him eventually.  

So Our G-d's perfectly timed interventions are oftentimes set the most boldly in history against the backdrop of the most horrible of situations.  Imagine Moses leading a newly derived embryonic nation to the edge of the Red Sea, completely trapped, no human way out, only a Divine Intervention will take them out of trouble.  With highly developed army of Pharaoh bearing down on them from behind, combined with the the very real and looming waters of the Red Sea in front of them.  They were strategically placed in a G-d arranged vice that most certainly was going to force out of their hearts, from the very depths a “cry” of, “O G-d, Save Us!” 

Every child breaks into the light of day with a cry.  We love to hear that cry right after the baby separates from mother's womb.  Israel was G-d's baby, and He was creating the separation from Egypt (all they ever knew of life) and it was very scary to leave the womb of Egypt, even though it was cruel bondage, still it was familiar.  As a baby prepares to enter the world of light and life outside of automatic feedings, it becomes more and more uncomfortable as it grows inside mommy's womb, things are tightening, there is less movement, their limbs can't stretch out and move.  So it will be when we commissioned by Our Maker to leave our Egypt, our place of bondage to sin and death.  Revealed in our addictions to stuff, comfort, ease, our wants and desires, and our basic and very commanding desire for self-government.

We all have this in common -- we really weren't ready to leave our mother's womb.  We are, and we were, scared out of our wits.  The most comforting truth for us today is that G-d knows this about us.  He knew us before we were ever a gleam in our parents eye. He knows this about all of us, the very day He delivered us from His wrath and redeemed us for Himself.   What love.  What power.

The Word of G-d lays before us the virtue of trusting in heaven to save us when we are drowning in our calamities.  They reveal the commonality of all men to be saved from ourselves.  To seek a holy transfer from this empty and very dark existence to the place of complete surrender into the very capable Hands of the Living and Eternal G-d.

Our urgent cries are required by our G-d to deliver us from the horrible trouble we are about to face in the days ahead.  As we continue our collective slip into this G-d designed abyss of great heartache and pain.  We have to realize that our forsaking of the law of G-d and His call for repentance, we have created our own pain.  

Therefore, because we have forsaken the G-d of our fathers, the L-rd G-d of Israel must raise up champion of His Way and Truth.  Our heavenly Father choose David, the eighth son of Jesse the Ephrathite living in Bethlehem. 

As King David had to face the Goliath of our times (status quo submission of false deities).  

David took on this Goliath in the power of His Grace, he did so for one very extreme purpose -- to avert the G-d ordained extermination of the Israelites.  The obvious implication is clear, we must take back all life and power lost from our sinful slid into the Babel of our times.  We need to overthrow the current wasteful regime, only to be accomplished by the L-rd's sovereign enablement.  

This critical work is necessary and possible to achieve.  We can not reduce or whittle away the starkness of our current spiritual state.  The cry of faith is part of this move that we see as G-d's move to answer the very deceptive work of Satan and his minions.  Like Goliath taunted the Israelites and spook doom over their lives, so too, the Goliath we face, is offering a constant venting of his idolatrous bile.  

So this heaven call and mandate has been placed at our feet today.  If we don't respond in the affirmative, the L-rd's judgments will continue to cascade their deluge of despair, carnal despondency, and hopelessness.  So too, today, I mean right now, we must face honestly the very real obstacles that face G-d's people today.  

From the solemn place of Samuel's anointing oil flowing from his holy horn and among his jealous brothers, David became the conqueror of Satan's tyranny by the grace and empowerment of heaven.  By the direct edict of G-d's voice to Samuel a new work began on the earth.  Samuel was home sulking, lamenting the demise of his king, Saul.  The L-rd comes and says basically, “get off your rear-end Samuel and go anoint My King”  

And... by the way... don't judge by appearance. 

This same anointing and work of heaven is at work right now in our midst.  And the same resistance that rose up in David's day is also here to resist Heaven's anointing of the David's of our time. The old monsters of the spirit of jealousy and animosity are contending with Our G-d's fresh and very spiritual move to raise up a “new” fresh move of grace on the hearts of men.  This “move of G-d” will bring back the glorious workings found, by grace and grace alone, within the heart of the David of our bibles. 

Ultimately, the spirit of David will arise in the nation of Israel and that tabernacle of praise and real worship will arise afresh among His People, but until then we will call forth that ultimate restoration by praying for it's fulfillment by spreading the Glory of Zion all over the earth by our love and respect for the L-rd of Zion and His anointed, Christ Jesus.  I believe this work will inspire the restoration that closes the end of this age.

Our cry” then is for this move to come down from heaven soon. “Even so, Come, L-rd Jesus Come.”  Rev. 22:16-20  (Watch video by the same name at Youtube Channel “livinlattes” or 

We need this move so badly.  We are under the tyranny of the multiple expressions of the “Sauls” of our time.  We need an entire new leadership team and spirit that will evoke from the L-rd's remnant a spirit of self-denying and risk-taking love for the glory of Zion, like historical King David.  After all, David is not David without the anointing! 

Amos 9:11- “In that day I will raise up the fallen booth of David, and wall up its breaches; I will also raise up its ruins, and rebuild it as in the days of old; they will possess the remnant of Edom...”  

Special Note:

Parenthetically, we speak here of the literal building up of the booths of David, temporary shelters of David in the Sukkot, “feast of tabernacles” of the remnant of the literal people of David - Yisrael.  Not the a Gentile-manufactured “spiritual” tabernacle of David, No, we are speaking of nothing less then the real “restoration of all things” in Israel and the city of our G-d, Jerusalem.  Celebrating with them and our own blessed destiny in the coming of Her and Our King – Yeshua Jesus – the Christ of G-d – The Root of Jesse.

Just as G-d's chosen servant David was shown the glory and splendor or Heaven when he cried out. Our G-d will move us with that same very real impassioned cry of the heart to move all of eternity into our time and space existence.  To  initiate the divine movement that will forever shake and rearrange the history of mankind.  As Israel's David said, “for who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should taunt the armies of the Living G-d?”  I Sam. 17:26 

When any nation seeks to find real freedom, they must oppose and storm the impregnable fortresses of their enemies.  They do so to release their people from their oppressive bondage.  They must cling to G-d of fortresses to claim their goal.  They are, as all have ever been, completely dependent on the arm of their god, whoever that may be, to deliver them from their enemies.  

Is their their trust in their “god” a trust in their might and their power?  Is it to trust in the “god” of cunning and scheming and seduction?  Is the “god” of their own making?  Like our american gods, our powerful military or economic engine, i.e. Rome and USA?  All these gods play a lousy second fiddle to the G-d of gods and the L-rd of l-rds.

Ps. 2:2-4, “the kings of the earth take their stand, and the rulers take counsel together against the L-rd and against His anointed; Let us tear their fetters apart, and cast away their cords from us!” He who sits in the heavens laughs at them.”

We all need divine intervention, but you and I can still call upon this same true and living G-d we read of here in Ps 2.  To call upon this True and the Eternal G-d, maker of heaven and earth, we stand next to all who have been called to walk a very hard and difficult road that brings us to offer a “cry of faith”.   

to be contined -- Many Blessings,




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